Living Life the Assertive Way Watch Preview

Assertiveness is one of the most essential skills for successful relationships, whether personal or professional.  There are 9 lessons in this course to help you be aware and intentional with your communication. Sometimes people are unsure of how they feel or how to deal with situations and end up living with regret.  After this course, you will no longer be stuck not sharing how you feel or over-reacting with anger.

6 Lessons

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This video features a warm welcome from me to you, a few instructions and two very important questions to help you start and finish this course well!

What Difference Does Assertiveness Make?

This video shares some of my experiences and highlights some of the benefits of being more assertive, for us and those we care about.

Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries.

As a follow up to the last lesson, we now take a look at where people are situated in your life with this exercise.

Assessing Your Body Talk - (Your Non-Verbal Communication)

This fun video points out the ways you communicate without evening knowing it, but more importantly what you can do to change it!

The ABC formula - Coach Drew Style

This lesson teaches the 4 steps to the ABCs of assertiveness that will help you find the words to address others when your boundaries are being crossed.

Your Daily Dose - Creating Your Detailed Action Plan!

To help you create a daily plan of action, use my "Role Goal" exercise.