The Art of A Genuine Apology - The Online Course Watch Preview

Welcome to The Art Of A Genuine Apology - The Online Course. More important than saying, "I'm sorry" is understanding what allows a Genuine Apology to bring healing to the people you love. This course defines a Genuine Apology, outlines the practical steps that cause healing to take place, and invites you to redefine forgiveness and reconciliation.

8 Lessons

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Welcome and Introduction

An overview of this course

Lesson 1 - What is a Genuine Apology

Defining a "Genuine Apology"

Lesson 2 - Starting with Forgiveness

Understanding why forgiveness comes first

Lesson 3 - 7 Phases of Forgiveness

An outline of 7 important steps to Forgiveness

Lesson 4 - 5 Core Values of a Genuine Apology

Understanding and appreciating the essence of a Genuine Apology

Lesson 5 - The L.I.V.E. Formula

Explains the four critical steps to a Genuine Apology

Lesson 6 - Self-Examination

Explores the internal barriers to offering a Genuine Apology

Lesson 7 - Readiness for Reconciliation

Explains how to know when people are ready to be reconciled