The Reconnect Conference - Webinar Series - 2021-2022

For many of us, times have been more difficult than ever. The losses seem to be beyond what we can count and there's been no time to address them. As a result, we've been short with each other, we've been hurt by each other and experience a disconnect as a result.  It's time to reconnect, time to breathe life into ourselves, our homes and our relationships.  

 Registered Psychotherapist, Andrea Boweya, Critical Incident Facilitator and Consultant, Dr. Vidoll Regisford and I facilitated three informative and restoring sessions on August 13, 2022. 


We trust you will enjoy and we look forward to your feedback!

14 Lessons

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Reconnect Conference 2022

Session # 1 - The Power of Peace when Reconnecting as a Parent

What is anxiety and how peace can be cultivated as a response

Session # 2 - The Hidden Opportunity in Conflict

Reconnecting for Couples

Session # 3 - Reconnecting with your best self

Ways to break free of self-doubt and fear of judgment

Reconnect Conference 2021

2021 Reconnect Welcome!

A quick welcome message from me to you and a couple things I want you to know.

Session 1 - Grief and Loss: How to Leverage the pain of loss

Session 1 - Q & A

Several Questions asked during our session on Grief and Loss are shared here for you.

Session 2 - Trauma & Life Mapping - From pain to purpose

Session 2 - Q & A

Several questions asked during our session on Trauma and Life-Mapping are shared here for you.

Session 3 - Dealing with Differences - How to love 'em when you don't like 'em

Session 3 - Q & A

The questions asked during our session on Dealing with Differences are shared here for you.

Session 4 - Trauma and Love - How to go from hurting to healing

Session 4 - Q & A

Some great following up questions from the session on Trauma and Healing are featured here for you.

Session 5 - Dealing with Anxiety: How to help my child manage their anxiety

Session 5 - Q & A

Here are the wonderful questions from session # 5