Conquering The Big 5 Watch Preview

The 5 modules and bonus lesson of this course will help you understand and learn to shift the 5 most common and most challenging anxiety-producing thought patterns.  

You will be able to identify these patterns and the speech associated with them. You will also learn the "exit strategies" to get you unstuck and adopt healthier language and ways of thinking. 

 When you think better, you feel better!

11 Lessons

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Flavour # 1 - All Or Nothing

Flavour # 1 - All Or Nothing

This synopsis of all/nothing thinking gives examples and exit strategies to get us familiar and on the road to changing these patterns.

All Or Nothing - Let's Go Deeper

This Session touches briefly on breathing and dives into the most common flavour of thought and speech that causes us to feel anxious and how we can change it.

Flavour # 2

Flavour # 2 - Negative What-Ifs

Describing the kind of thought that leads to catastrophizing and how to escape it!

Negative What-Ifs - Let's Go Deeper

We look a little deeper at the Negative What-Ifs and how to shift it

Flavour # 3

Flavour # 3 - Future-Telling

Recognizing the language and thoughts that attempt to predict the future

Future-Telling - Let's Go Deeper

To give more instruction around the exit strategies for the fortune-telling flavour of thought

Flavour # 4

Flavour # 4 - Mind-Reading

To understand what "mind-reading" is and define a few ways to stop.

Mind-Reading - Let's Go Deeper

Highlighting the impact of future-telling about others' thoughts and emotions on our emotions.

Flavour # 5

Flavour # 5 - I Feel Like...

Understanding the most common and deceptive phrase in modern day language

I Feel Like... Let's Go Deeper

It's time to practice teasing our emotions apart from our thoughts

Bonus - Watch Your Motivational Language

Use positive motivation language to increase confidence