6 Keys To Effective Journaling

If you'd like to begin or deepen your consistency with journaling, this course will provide guidance on how to move beyond simply recording events or rehearsing unpleasant experiences. You will be introduced to the "ATI Process". It will help you learn how to process your emotions and move into new ways of thinking and feeling!  

This 45-minute webinar is followed by 6 short videos to get you set up and in a routine.  I've also included a couple of bonus lessons for you to change some patterned ways of thinking and to integrate calming breath exercises.  

These are the essentials for increasing calm and intentional thinking in our lives. Enjoy!

10 Lessons

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6 Effective Keys Webinar

Turn your journaling into fruitful processing of thoughts and emotions

Step 1 - Where and When

Let's get settled and comfortable

Step 2 - Why? & What!

Reconnect with your purpose and the goal

Step 3 - What are you feeling?

Labeling emotions is often the next best step

Step 4 - What are you thinking?

Defining your "thoughts" is absolutely critical!

Step 5 - Watch for patterns

Certain patterns can cause us to feel certain emotions.

Step 6 - Watch your language

Your language tells you what thought patterns your using

Bonus Video - Reverse Engineering Your Thoughts and Emotions

Reverse Engineering Your Emotions

Bonus Audio - Breathing 101

Breathing 101 - Audio


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