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There are reasons for our existence.  There are things we get to do while we are alive.  It is very possible to live with passion, calm and confidence.  Believe it!  We are either in agreement with this or trying hard to believe it.

The courses in the Learning Centre are all about Learning, Healing and Growing, so that we can live our best life.

I believe we are communicating with ourselves, others and God every moment of the day.  What we say to ourselves and others matters.  

Whether you are a single individual or a parent, these courses are designed to help you take the next step in cultivating Calm and Confidence in your life and in your relationships.

These courses are designed so you can take daily steps towards your goals.  That's the only way we arrive at our desired destination, one step at a time.  Be faithful (keep taking the next step) and enjoy!  You get to do both!

Email me at to learn about yearly and monthly subscriptions as well as group rates, so you can learn and grow with all of the people you love!

Courses in this Program:

About Coach Drew

For more than 17 years, Dr. Andrew L. Blackwood, affectionately known as "Coach Drew", The Healing Communication Coach, has been connecting deeply with individuals, parents and teens to support their growth and healing through, speaking, coaching, workshops on his book The Art of a Genuine Apology, and media consulting on shows like 100 Huntley Street and 700 Club Canada.

His ability to engage and bring clarity to the complex challenges of healing in relationships sets him apart as a true facilitator of change. His desire to impact relationship culture around the world is made personal everyday as he continues to learn, heal and grow in his most prized relationships, with his wife, daughters, family and friends.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“The expression “Stars light up the sky, people light up the earth,” captures Andrew Blackwood. Using his expertise he skillfully guides his clients through a series of tools like journaling, deep breathing and gratitude to achieve greater self esteem.” ― PMD
“We really did enjoy the program a lot. It was really fun. We learned more about ourselves even in our marriage. It was kind of like marriage counselling and family counselling as well and then an opportunity to apply things.” ― Kennisha P.
“This has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my life. It has not only helped me in my relationship with my Dad but with everyone in my life.” ― Ishaan M.
“I was angry, couldn’t handle stress, unhappy with myself and insecure, I hated myself and I am not there anymore. I wouldn’t be where I am and who I am without Coach Drew.” ― Ryan
“It’s going amazing. Just finished my journal entry for the day. Coming off yesterday’s session I have a new hope. Moreover writing about how I feel on paper is doing wonders to my head space and I am starting to learn to train my brain to have a clear discernment between absolute/extreme language vs moderate” ― Akeem G.
“You’re the best thing I’ve done for myself, you were there to care, to listen, to guide. It was the shift in my perspective that made the difference - Ingrid G” ― Ingrid G.
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